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Voddler has one purpose:

To grow your business quickly and more profitably, by reaching and providing poorly connected customers with the best possible video viewing experience each and every time­­. Our product, VoddlerNet™ is a market-leading peer-assisted video delivery solution, and the world’s first solution to congested and poor networks further impacted by ‘last mile’ service degradation. We guarantee flawless video to anyone, anywhere, anytime, by combining our unique peering technology and network with fallback-access to the CDN if necessary. The result is a powerful solution that greatly expands the reach of your streaming service, dramatically reduces CDN dependence, and delivers an amazing Quality of Service (QoS) and Experience (QoE).

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  • Deliver Exceptional Video Quality

    VoddlerNet™ adds intelligence to all nodes in your network, creating a self-balancing swarm of video sharing edge-servers that together calculate the most optimal delivery of the video under any network condition. The result is a buffer-less video viewing experience, guaranteeing the best quality of experience.

  • Grow Limitlessly

    Dramatically grow your service by reaching poorly connected or under-connected customers who are not able to consume your video content as delivered today. Scale limitlessly as VoddlerNet becomes more efficient and resilient, as your customer base grows!

  • Scale your Business Profitably

    VoddlerNet™ offloads up to 98% of your CDN capacity and greatly expands the reach of your content, making room for more high quality services and customers without investing in additional infrastructure or CDN capacity.

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Delivering exceptional OTT video requires an amazing infrastructure.

VoddlerNet™ is that infrastructure

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