Hybrid Solutions

Our hybrid solution delivers exceptional quality, helps you grow limitlessly, and lets you scale your business profitably. This is VoddlerNet and VoddlerNet Live.

  • Hybrid Solution

    Combining the best of two worlds, controlled peering and streaming directly from the CDN, guaranteeing the best possible viewing experience.

  • Self-balancing

    VoddlerNet™ clients make clustering decisions based on device type, storage capacity, ISP, ping times and more, resulting in an intelligent swarm optimized to deliver the best viewing experience.

  • Robust & Resilient

    Acting as an organic failover network of edge caches, VoddlerNet™ is a hybrid solution that solves the issue of peak time traffic & greatly reduces the impact of CDN outages.

  • Easily Integrated

    VoddlerNet™ requires minimal server infrastructure as it is integrated as an overlay service into existing origin/CDN setups. The VoddlerNet™ client is an ultrathin service written in C.

  • Format Support

    VoddlerNet™ is DRM agnostic and supports progressive download using any codec or container format. VoddlerNet™ also supports the two most popular adaptive bitrate formats, MPEG-DASH and HLS.

  • Desktop & Mobile

    Cross platform client support, available on Mac, Windows, and Linux. VoddlerNet™ also supports mobile applications through iOS and Android SDK’s.

VoddlerNet™ – Overview

VoddlerNet™ is a hybrid peer-assisted video delivery solution that integrates seamlessly with traditional CDN based delivery as an unobtrusive overlay. Our multithreaded approach enables end users to fetch data from multiple sources simultaneously, enabling more data to be delivered more quickly across the entire network.

  1. End users establish a connection to VoddlerNet™ server infrastructures. Receive configuration, register availability, and receive data about other nodes in the network.

  2. During a movie session, end users receive content primarily from other available nodes in the network.

  3. If content is unavailable in the network – or available nodes can not deliver data quickly enough – content will be served from video provider’s CDN as a fallback strategy.

OTT Solutions

Voddler provides the only platform you need to deliver real user growth and the promise of TV anywhere, anytime, with a guaranteed exceptional quality viewing experience. Furthermore, VoddlerNet™ supports dynamic CDN selection (either through partners or custom solutions) guaranteeing best video delivery all the way from the CDN to the end user.

Telco & Operator Solutions

VoddlerNet™ is specifically optimized for delivering video over the mobile network to handheld devices, turning every customer device into a lightweight self-aware edge server and creating an intelligent swarm of video sharing nodes. The solution monitors the customer’s connection type and also the device performance, making sure that the end customers enjoy a seamless, high quality viewing experience.

VoddlerNet Getting Started

Getting started is easy!

Interested in trying VoddlerNet™? We provide a free 30-day trial.

  1. Gain access to our Publishing System and enable your video assets through our easy-to-use web interface or API.

  2. Distribute the VoddlerNet™ client software by integrating with our mobile SDK’s or enable web browser support through our desktop client.

  3. Analyze peer distribution, performance and cost savings in real-time through our analytics service.

VoddlerNet Getting Started



Client Software


  • Windows XP+
  • OSX 10.x
  • Linux


  • Android SDK, v 2.2 and up
  • iOS SDK, iOS 7 and up

Browser support

  • IE7 (and up), Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and more

Format support

  • HTML5 video
  • MP4, MKV
  • Adaptive bitrate (MPEG-DASH, HLS)

DRM Support

  • Any

Codec Support

  • Any


Publishing system interface and API for..

  • Manage videos (add, edit, remove)
  • Manage users and roles for granular access levels
  • Review analytics and statistics, drill down to single sessions. Even more detailed analytics available through our partner Conviva.
  • Download beta versions of client software, test playback, access support documentation.
  • And more..