September 21, 2016

Voddler Group Announces VoddlerNet™ LIVE, Revolutionizing Live Streaming Globally

Swedish video streaming innovator Voddler Group, today announces VoddlerNet™ LIVE, the next-generation of its award-winning streaming solution VoddlerNet™.

Stockholm-based streaming innovator Voddler Group, is today announcing its plans to deliver its next-generation hybrid peer-assisted streaming solution for Live streaming content.   VoddlerNet™ is Voddler’s proven and patented SaaS streaming solution, enhancing and improving the streaming experience of content consumers globally, whose core components and architecture will power the multi-platform experience and delivery of live-streamed content and events globally through VoddlerNet™ LIVE.


VoddlerNet™ Live Enables High Quality of Experience Live-streaming 

Live-streamed content is accelerating as a key consumption channel for Voddler’s customers worldwide, with an average volume impact on networks of 10-13X typical VOD and OTT channel data volumes.  The spikes in data volumes for live-streaming platforms is becoming extreme, with an excessive and growing impact on platform operations and viewer experience.

VoddlerNet™ ’s hybrid peer-assisted video delivery architecture is fundamentally designed to dramatically alleviate network issues through its self-balancing and self-aware mesh networks, lending itself perfectly to the issues that live-streaming platforms are increasingly experiencing and battling.

VoddlerNet™ LIVE uses the same foundation while optimizing the patented ‘seeding’ functions and peer-relevancy to successfully deliver live-streaming virtually instantaneously, delivering a truly scalable LIVE cross-platform experience in multiple bitrates.

Key Benefits for Content Delivery Networks

The immediate benefits to our customers are a highly-resilient and fault-tolerant ‘live content mesh’, that immediately reduces network and backhaul impact while ensuring a perfect quality of experience to the consumer.

VoddlerNet™ LIVE is planned for closed-BETA release to our customers in the fall, and is scheduled to be available globally in Q4 of this year.


About Voddler:

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Voddler Group AB is the creator of the next-generation video streaming solution VoddlerNet™, an award-winning hybrid peer-assisted streaming solution. VoddlerNet extends our partners’ streaming solutions globally, delivering an unparalleled viewing experience to any Internet-connected device with stunning quality of service at a fraction of today’s streaming cost. VoddlerNet integrates seamlessly with existing video streaming solutions to unleash their full potential. VoddlerNet has streamed millions of movies from dozens of content owners, including the Hollywood majors, to millions of users worldwide. Find more information on our peer-assisted video solution here.