May 5, 2015

Voddler Ships Vnet™ as a Standalone Product, Revolutionizing Streaming Video and User Viewing Experiences Around The World

Swedish video streaming innovator Voddler, today announced a new release of its proven next‐ generation streaming solution, Vnet.

Vnet™, from Stockholm‐based streaming innovator Voddler, is today being made immediately available worldwide. Vnet is Voddler’s proven and patented new standalone software solution, which previously powered Voddler’s and its partners’ Video‐on‐Demand (VOD) platforms streaming thousands of titles to millions of viewers. Vnet is the world’s first managed peering network, which uses our hybrid distribution system of decentralized resources with centralized control to create a global and massively scalable community of video delivery edge servers. Through this “Vnet Cloud”, we consistently deliver exceptional quality of service and playback performance, with offloading rates in excess of 95% to a virtually limitless scale. Vnet has received the endorsement of the five top Hollywood studios, because of Vnet’s proven ability to protect their content through our support of industry‐standard digital rights management (DRM) technologies, centrally control content distribution, and ability to ensure an incredible viewing experience for all of their consumers. Vnet is an easily‐integrated overlay to existing or new online video platforms (OVPs) as well as any over‐the‐top (OTT) video content providers. The future of streaming video has now arrived!

Vnet extends our OVP and OTT clients’ ability to reach and service their users in areas and moments of congested internet traffic and poor transfer rates, by passing their traditional Content Delivery Network’s (CDN) streaming to Vnet’s peering service, expanding greatly our customer’s ability to consistently grow their presence and market share. Vnet’s peering method requires a very low threshold of peering activity before it hits near‐100% peering grades, providing an exceptional and consistent Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) for our customer’s users. This means that Vnet can very rapidly deliver an optimal user experience independently across our network, without depending on our customer’s existing infrastructure. We ensure that our customers’ Customer Acquisition Costs generate a higher ROI, by reducing their viewer churn rates through our playback experience. Finally, through an inherently scalable system, Voddler helps its customers reduce their operating costs by offloading traffic from their CDN infrastructure to Vnet, while significantly improving performance as the service grows. By adding peering capabilities to existing rigid server‐based solutions, Vnet can massively extend our customer’s market reach and viewing experience.

“You need a fantastic infrastructure to deliver OTT” – Amrish Kacker, Analysys Mason APAC

Vnet is that infrastructure.

Vnet’s release will also include SDK support for Android integration, enabling our customers to immediately extend their mobile user content engagement. APIs for integration of Vnet performance and statistics into third party billing and analytics engines are also included, ensuring a holistic and seamless combined offering. Vnet’s core includes support for Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR), MPEG‐DASH, and Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming technology (HLS), providing a comprehensive toolset for capturing and captivating viewers across the globe.

“In many countries video streaming is still a frustrating experience, when it is available at all. Video content consumers around the world are demanding regular access to premium and original content, with a consistently excellent playback experience. Vnet gives people exactly what they want: great content truly anywhere and anytime, on a global scale!” – Adam Lewis, Voddler’s CEO

Voddler’s Vnet cloud stores and streams larger video volumes at a superior quality than today’s normal streaming solutions. It also saves on average 95% of normal streaming costs, as demonstrated by Voddler’s own proof‐of‐concept service, which since 2010 has served millions of video streams to over 1 million registered users. Vnet works out of the box with existing DRM encryption schemes and rights management as Vnet acts as an unobtrusive transport layer, allowing the content owners full security and control.

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FACT: This is Voddler and Vnet

  • Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Voddler is committed to deliver the world’s best cloud‐based streaming technology.
  • Vnet, Voddler’s innovative and patented streaming technology, delivers unparalleled streaming quality to any Internet‐
    connected consumer worldwide.
  • Vnet provides global scalability and quality of service to over‐the‐top (OTT) streaming providers.
  • Vnet works both independently and integrates seamlessly with any existing streaming solution. When used together
    with a server‐based solution (CDN), Vnet works “on top” of the CDN, boosting its performance exponentially as it
    increasingly offloads traffic as usage grows.
  • By adding Vnet to an existing streaming architecture, Voddler unleashes the full potential of OTT streaming: positive
    scalability at all data levels (the more users, the better it performs); Quality of Service (given its multipoint‐to‐single‐
    point architecture); and reductions of streaming costs of on average 95 (proven by Voddler’s benchmark service).
  • Voddler does this by connecting true edge devices with a patented innovative overlay protocol. No additional
    investments are needed.
  • The Voddler solution powers branded platforms for content owners and media companies that seek to reach
    consumers worldwide with a scalable, cost‐effective and efficient OTT‐solution. Voddler thus enables content holders
    to benefit from the ongoing direct‐to‐consumer transformation at their own pace and terms.
  • Bollyvod is the first such branded platform that Voddler launches, with content licensed from Indian partners.
  • Since 2010, Vnet has powered its own proof‐of‐concept consumer service, which to date has
    streamed millions of movies from over 30 content owners, including the Hollywood majors, to users in Europe including Scandinavia and Spain.

About Voddler

Next generation video streaming solution Voddler embraces the future of online content consumption behavior and is committed to bringing content online with the world’s best cloud‐based streaming technology. Vnet, Voddler’s patented streaming cloud technology, empowers global streaming solutions, delivering an unparalleled film viewing experiences to any Internet‐connected consumer worldwide with quality of service at a fraction of today’s streaming cost. Vnet integrates seamlessly with existing streaming solutions to unleash their full potential. Vnet can also be deployed as an independent streaming solution. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Voddler also operates the proof‐of‐concept site which to date has streamed millions of movies from over 30 content owners, including the Hollywood majors, to users in Europe.